Personally reviewed and suggested books.

Helpful books for the war…the victory…and the freedom! If you are not willing to invest in your freedom the same way you invested in your sin (time and money), then you are not really sincere about your quest for freedom.

These are all books I have read and each had profound truths for me:

  • Finally Free by Heath Lambert ($9) Buy on Amazon – My top recommendation for a Biblical view of freedom by grace and God’s view of sexual sin.
  • Intoxicated with Babylon ($13)  Buy on Amazon – It’s time to face the lies you have been believing.
  • At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry ($14)  Buy on Amazon – Scripture and facts that will cut you to the heart and expose roots of sexual addiction.
  • Buy a spiral journal ($5) from a local store to record your journals and notes.
  • Overcoming fear of man:  When People Are Big and God Is Small
  • Keys for Deliverance | Jake Kail ($15) Buy on Amazon  Jesus always connected Salvation and Deliverance from unclean spirits – have you been delivered?
  • Workbook forcing you in The Word DAILY to discover what it means to Repent!  Walk of Repentance (life and perspective changing)
  • A daring approach to walking in Covenant with your eyes!  Very unique and not for everyone – but maybe right for you!  A Covenant With My Eyes

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