There is freedom from pornography.

Are you trapped in the grip of pornography and want to be free? Has what was once “just a screen/digital experience” migrated to deeper and darker things? 

That is not what you were made for: Christ came to set you free!

Freedom is not the absence of temptation - it is the death of the struggle.

Jesus came to set the captives free.
You can be free.

Amazing group of men walking together to overcome porn and sex addictions. Justin is a passionate man who longs to see men set free from these addictions and truly is a "man with a plan." Justin deeply cares about these guys as if they were his brothers. This is a group you want to be in if you are struggling with such behavior. You will find caring men, non judgmental attitudes and a belief in God and each other to break free!
Maurice C
Harrisburg, PA

Justin's Story:

I spent 20 years bound by pornography, confusion, deception, and lies. I used to think the goal was just struggling-less and hopefully winning more battles than I would lose. I could never break free.

Then I was broken free.

I had never heard that it was actually possible to stop struggling altogether against lust and pornography. I was surprised by freedom. 

You can be free, too. You weren’t made to struggle everyday, “count your days” sober, or cycle from victory to failure.

Christ set us free to experience freedom (Galatians 5:1).

5th Annual Weekend | Saturday, July 25, 2020 | Columbia, PA

R&D Conference

As porn sites report record high visits due to the masses of boredom-and-opportunity situations due to the COVID-19 crisis; as our medical community deals with alarming porn-induced health issues among our youth; as the secular and sacred both cry out for an end to trafficking and exploitation of minors and sex-slaves; it seems most appropriate to be preparing for the 5th Annual Broken Free weekend conference to be held in Columbia on our new date of July 25.

(May 30 there will be a special LIVE session online for Husbands and Wives – get the details here.)

Let FREEDOM ring!

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More than victory

Did you know that God has more for you than perpetual struggling? There is a greater hope than the sporadic seasons of victory – there is FREEDOM!

Pornography, sexual addiction and sexual identity issues are running rampant in the world…and the church. The reality is that Jesus paid to free both the world and the Church, however, it is impossible to free yourself.

You must be broken free.

It is not the result of your own efforts, a program or a good book. But through Christ, you can indeed be transformed and broken free by the renewing of your mind! Being FREE is an identity, a decision and a destination.

It is the death of the struggle and the end to giving in to temptation… and it is for now. It is for you.

Men who are struggling

Nomatter how dark, broken, hopeless, or confused this finds you, Christ promises a new mind and a new heart - and freedom for those who repent and seek Him!

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you were set free for freedom!

The next 10 days could change your... eternity.