Justin Rule is available to speak to your small group, congregation on a Sunday morning, host a Broken Free Gathering at your church – or however you need the message of freedom to be delivered!

The facts

Our churches are full of secret porn addicts, struggling saints, and confused people.

The truth

Christ came to set the captives free. He didn’t just promise to make things “like new” – He actually promised to make things “NEW”.

We weren’t set free for victory – we were set free for FREEDOM.

Victory vs. Freedom

Victory means that we are waging war and winning – but there is a reality of freedom that is available for us in Christ.

Freedom is the death of the struggle.

Pastor feedback on Broken Free:

Great ministry helping men walk in the freedom that Jesus purchased! Justin shares from his own journey and has a passion to see men not settle for struggling in sexual sin, but truly walking in freedom. Lives and marriages have been changed. Check it out!

I give "high marks" for the ministry of Broken Free and Justin Rule! Justin's personal story has given hope to many men who have struggled with various levels of sexual addiction. As one who has found freedom, Justin is a graced and anointed guide for others who are searching for the same. I have been grateful for Justin's powerful message and ministry here at Ephrata Community Church.

Great ministry full of experienced leadership in the realm of sexual addiction. Passionate caring men helping others leave their addiction behind and find true restoration of their lives. Justin is on fire with helping men not only break free of addiction but find true purpose and total healing in their individual lives and marriages as well.

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It's time for the body of Christ to awaken to our need for true repentance and the hope of the Gospel!
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