Redeem Buildings - Release Cities.

Broken Free has a vision to purchase existing strongholds of the enemy that are holding back towns, men, marriages, and God’s power from being released through a city to its people.


Part of the vision God gave Justin for Broken Free was to buy out strongholds (adult stores, strip clubs, “gentleman’ clubs etc) and redeem them as places where the kingdom of God is welcomed and ushered into a city.


It’s clear in scripture (and history) that people and places can occupy a spiritual stronghold over a town or region!


Simple. We ask the Lord for favor, get local construction companies to commit to the redemption of the building, and then gather the funds with a target in mind. 


Then we ask the owner how much they want for their building, and we give them 10k more in cash that day and say “Good. You’ve been bought out – your doors close tomorrow.”

Then What?

We would flip the building into a home, coffeeshop, or place of life giving resources to the community. 


The profits from the sale of the building to a local family or business would be invested in taking down the next stronghold in the next town!


Those given to sin because of the stronghold (employees, customers etc) would be offered support and FREEDOM in the process! Prayer warriors are invited to focus on the current target!


Those companies who donate their time and resources would be given a tax deduction. 


Those who give financially – the same write off is available.

Club Good Times

There has been a lot of prophetic words about Columbia being the gateway of God’s blessing to Lancaster County. 


But there is a stronghold. This club is the devil’s playground and drawing men from Central PA to its doors to participate in sexual immoral practices. It is the only active adult club in Lancaster County – while there are other adult stores, none have active performers and shows except this club.


We understand that taking down a stronghold does not curb demand, but just as the death of Hugh Hefner led directly to the nation-wide-sweeping exposure of people enslaved in high places, so will the redemption of this stronghold into a strong tower for the Kingdom of God release God’s blessings to Columbia and beyond!

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I believe the strongholds of the enemy can be redeemed into strong towers of the Kingdom of God!
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Broken Free

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Does your business want to commit to prayer focus for our current project, or volunteer your services when we purchase the building… or donate towards the #RedeemStrongholds projects?

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