If you are living a life of constant struggle against pornography, sexual addiction, and confusion – there is good news for you: Jesus came to set you free!

The cycle

Aren’t you sick of the cycle? Has anyone ever told you that complete freedom is possible for every believer?

The lie

If you think you were meant to struggle for the rest of your life, you are believing a lie.

The truth

There is no magic bullet, no single book that will awaken you, and no 12-step program that will free you. No accountability partner will give you what you need and no sermon, teacher, preacher or podcast will set you free.

You must be set free by The Son (John 8:36)!

Now what?

There are two primary ways that men get involved with Broken Free – the most important question is this:

Are you willing to pursue freedom with the same passion, commitment, time, energy, and resources that you used to pursue sin?

you were set free for freedom!

The next 10 days could change your... eternity.

If you are not ready to invest in your freedom with the same passion and commitment you invested in your sin, then maybe you aren't really ready...
Justin Rule
Broken Free


The Men’s Gatherings have an opportunity to commit to a specific session, which in turn reaps a greater investment from Broken Free members also committed to that session.  There is daily challenges, weekly homework, reading assignments, journaling, warrior-brother partnerships and a real opportunity to encounter both victory and freedom that comes from Christ.  You are strongly encouraged to fill out an application that will help BF Leadership know your situation and how to pray for you if you want to be a part of the upcoming session.  There is a small fee that covers the cost of materials.