Justin’s wife Whitney knows what it is like to be in a marriage broken by sexual sin and addiction, and to struggle to believe God is bigger than the storm. 


She also knows the power of the Gospel to transform her identity, in spite of his choices – and to have God make all things new. Freedom is not the absence of a storm, but the fulness of Christ in you in the midst of the storms.


Your voice has an authority over your family, your husband, and your home – and the power of your prayers is a weapon against the attack of the enemy.


Wives of men struggling with sexual identity, porn, or immorality issues – you are defined by who God says you are, not what his sin makes you feel.


There is comfort and power in being open, praying together, and choosing to embrace hope as you learn to pursue the freedom Christ has for all who have been lied to, hurt, or deceived by our husband’s addictions.


The process of learning to embrace truth – about yourself, your husband, and God – as you heal from the scars of lies, and learn to walk in truth, will set you free! 

When I understood that his choices didn't define who I was - I began to realize what it meant to live as a free woman.
Whitney Rule
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