Has Broken Free impacted you in some way? Have you visited a gathering or heard Justin speak?

In their own words...

I give "high marks" for the ministry of Broken Free and Justin Rule! Justin's personal story has given hope to many men who have struggled with various levels of sexual addiction. As one who has found freedom, Justin is a graced and anointed guide for others who are searching for the same.
Kevin Eshelman
Pastor, Ephrata Community Church
Broken Free is an amazing ministry. Justin leads by example and his heart and passion for Jesus is contagious. Broken free isn’t just some program to get you to stop sinning. It is a place where intimacy with Jesus is modeled and freedom is available.
Joe B
Lancaster, PA
After stuggling with sexual additions for many years, I heard about the finished work of Jesus Christ proclaimed through Justin and Broken Free. I was shown the true freedom that Christ paid for not just seasons of victory. I highly recommend Broken free to any man seeking complete freedom from sexual sin!
Paul B
Lancaster, PA
I am so thankful for the ministry that God has set up with Broken Free in the Lancaster area of PA. The teaching is both spot on a Biblical.

It is set up for those who attend to have an encounter with a living God and pursue and ongoing relationship with Jesus. Articles and media on the website are loaded with nuggets that both point to make Christ Central and key to ongoing freedom and integrity.

The ministry is committed to seeing men become what Our Creator divinely intended them to be.
Jahmaal M
Washington DC
Great ministry helping men walk in the freedom that Jesus purchased! Justin shares from his own journey and has a passion to see men not settle for struggling in sexual sin, but truly walking in freedom. Lives and marriages have been changed. Check it out!
Jake K
Pastor, Threshold Church
From the moment I met Justin, it was apparent to me that he was a man who pursued God and would not settle for less than God’s best. I have seen the impact of Justin’s message through Broken Free Ministry that men can be free and maintain freedom. This kind of freedom is not just a message for Justin. It is his lifestyle as he walks out his relationship with Jesus, the One who makes it all possible!
Dennis Scalese
Pastor of Administration & Pastoral Care, ECC
When I was first encouraged to go talk to Justin after facing difficulty in my marriage and in the battle for freedom from immorality, I thought he was a little too intense. I absorbed maybe 10% of what he shared with me that night and walked away mostly unchanged. It wasn't until I had a crisis moment in my marriage that my ears were opened to his message.

I came to realize, I wasn't being intense enough in waging war against sin. I began to take to heart and put into practice Justin's encouragements (based on Scripture and lot of his own personal experience) and started to see actual breakthrough.

Justin and his wife have continued to speak into both my wife and my life and have been irreplaceable. They've encouraged us to hope in God for relational wholeness and given us practical steps that yield results along the way.

Justin knows a lot but he cares even more. And he's on the journey himself, in the fight himself, leaning on Jesus and abiding in the Holy Spirit every step of the way.

I don't feel looked down on by him for struggling. I feel encouraged and appropriately rebuked when I'm deceived, carrying a false mindset, or acting out in sin.

And yes, the Monday night worship meetings are significant and transformative. Justin believes wholeheartedly in the power of God's presence to bring healing and spends an hour in worship and prayer, soaking in God's presence then shares a relevant and no-nonsense teaching. He also has been leading Saturday morning seminars and weekend retreats which have all been Jesus-centered, Bible-centered, and Holy Spirit empowered.

And I can't forget, he's rightly submitted to a pastor of a local church and maintains healthy relationship therein often inviting the pastor or other ministers to speak to the group.

I'm so thankful for Justin and Broken Free. I'm convinced it's something way more people need and could benefit from. Lancaster is fortunate to have this ministry and I pray God increases the fruit through Justin's work in the grace of God for His glory!
Nick M
Ephrata, PA