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Helpful books, blogs, blockers, videos and tools for the war…the victory…and the freedom! If you are not willing to invest in your freedom the same way you invested in your sin (time and money), then you are not really sincere about your quest for freedom.


Full Messages from Justin, delivered at local churches

  • Justin’s 2017 Message on Threshold (4/23/17)
    • “The Word of the Cross: Death vs. The Dying Process” FULL AUDIO
    • 1 Corinthians 1:23 “… but we preach Christ crucified.”
    • FB Video posted of the message (understand this video starts 10 mins into the message, so you miss some of the context)
  • Justin’s 2016 Message at Threshold (2/21/16)
  • Justin’s 2015 Message at Threshold (3/1/15)

Quick Listening

Broken Free Recordings

(Just began recording teachings from BF in early 2017.  Soon to be podcasting.)


Websites For Encouragement and Teaching:

Ministries That Can Help You Live Free:

Day 7 (Lancaster, PA)
Pure Life (KY-based, with distance and live-in support)

Smart Walls To Consider Putting Up

and always have a someone else setup your password!
X3 Watch (online and phone accountability)
Covenant Eyes (online and phone accountability)


Announcement Slide/ Bulletin Insert for Broken Free Night at your church:

Download slide for church (jpeg)


These are all books I have read and each had profound truths for me:

  1. Intoxicated with Babylon ($13)  Buy on Amazon – It’s time to face the lies you have been believing.
  2. At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry ($14)  Buy on Amazon – Scripture and facts that will cut you to the heart and expose roots of sexual addiction.
  3. Buy a spiral journal ($5) from a local store to record your journals and notes.
  4. Overcoming fear of man:  When People Are Big and God Is Small
  5. Realize God’s destiny for you as a Kingdom Man:  Kingdom Man 
  6. Workbook forcing you in The Word DAILY to discover what it means to Repent!  Walk of Repentance (life and perspective changing)
  7. Workbook on 7 Pillars of Freedom – I have not done this personally, but many have said it’s a firehose of God’s Truth as well as the ‘science of the brain’ to help you work through addiction in a Biblical Manner:  7 Pillars of Freedom
  8. A daring approach to walking in Covenant with your eyes!  Very unique and not for everyone – but maybe right for you!  A Covenant With My Eyes