The purpose of our Broken Free Gatherings is to seek the Lord – to encounter Truth and be changed by Him. Our gatherings provide times of worship, prayer, teaching, personal ministry – and freedom!


What’s always more important than what Justin has to say – or any guest speaker – is what Holy Spirit wants to speak to you directly. Providing times of open and individual worship allows the Lord to speak directly to your heart.

Write & Pray

As we gather, men are encouraged to write and pray – to listen and record what they hear from the Lord or are awakened to through God’s Word.


When a teaching is shared, men are encouraged to develop a habit of taking notes and writing – rather than just absorbing – as a means of reflection and remembering.

Teaching & Ministry

The truth is often something different than what you’ve heard before… and sometimes it’s the 1000th time you’ve heard it! 


The bottom line is that it is truth in love. Teaching is based solely on God’s Word – not on the latest psychological research or best-selling book. It’s straight up and direct so you can stop making excuses for a life of struggling against sexual sin. 


Jesus paid for your freedom.

While a single gathering may not change your life - I pray it will at least awaken your heart, whether cold, hard, broken, or compromised, to the reality of FREEDOM!
Justin Rule
Broken Free

Attend A Local Gathering

If you desire to encounter truth – and not sit in a circle and share your past – then this is your invitation to visit a gathering. There are many opportunities to connect with Broken Free:

  • attend a gathering in your area (held monthly on Monday nights)
  • follow email messages, blogs, online resources,
  • attend annual Freedom Weekend and other occasional retreats and special events designed to challenge your heart to encounter The Truth, and help you grow in your journey towards freedom.


1st Mondays at Gateway House of Prayer from 9-11pm in Ephrata, PA

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