CBC Virus vs. COVID-19

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There is a virus more deadly than COVID-19 

It’s been around longer, claimed more lives, is transmitted no matter the distance or the medium – digital notwithstanding – and the craziest part: there is a cure. 

An at-home cure even!

I was infected by this virus and tried to ignore it, claimed I didn’t have it and unknowingly shared it with others – I even celebrated my life with it. I was ignorant of its potency.

I didn’t know better. And when I heard there was a cure, even then I wasn’t sure if it was worth it or even if it was necessary because I knew others who were exhibiting worse symptoms than I was. 

That virus is CBC.

In light of this time where there is hail in Egypt, locust storms blacking the sky in Africa, earthquakes in Utah and a pandemic of Coronavirus claiming lives and inciting fear… I’m calling it CBC virus – Common But Curable. 

Before you leave – there’s something you should consider: 

If you are someone who suspects you are infected with the Common But Curable virus, there is no special testing kit required. If you have a sensitive conscience, you can test your heart right now at home! You’d know by some of the obvious symptoms like anger, greed, lust, selfishness, gossip, slander, pride… it’s really easy to diagnose.

The Bible called it sin. It’s just a word that means to miss the mark of God’s law and designed intent.

But there’s good news!

We can’t cure ourselves but there is a cure! It is common but curable… through Christ!

John 3:16 says for God so LOVED the world that HE GAVE His only Son Jesus, that whoever believes in Him would be saved.

It goes on to say that (3:17) that God didn’t send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved!

Throughout history, God gave His creation free will to choose whether to live for themselves and store up treasures on earth… or to live in a relationship with their creator! His desire was to have a relationship with His creation but due to His pure and sinless nature and our inability to actually live righteously- He sent The Cure. In His love, God sent Jesus who lived a life empowered by God’s Holy Spirit free from the infection of sin. He was crucified by those who did not understand His message. sin and Satan and the forces of darkness thought they had won by killing the cure, but Christ resurrected,  showing power over the curse and the stain of sin. He conquered its ultimate end: death. 

When Jesus resurrected after death He promised and sent his Holy Spirit to empower and indwell those who call on His name!

Through the Holy Spirit, we can live a life unshackled by the virus of sin, delivered from death and fear, and honoring to the Lord!

COVID19 May cause physical death but the CBC virus of sin will cause physical and spiritual death if it is not treated properly. COVID19s spread may be prevented by social distancing but CBC is cured by drawing near to God. Christ has power and victory over the grave! 

John 1:12 says “Yet to all who receive him, to those who believe in his name, he gives the right to become children of God!”

To my brothers and sisters in Christ who know the cure around the world, I challenge you to live it, share it, repent of ways we have spread it – and ask Holy Spirit to awaken you to what He is speaking in this moment. 

To friends and strangers who are becoming aware of the fragility of life, the pervasiveness of the sin virus, our inability to control life now or after the grave, I am inviting you embrace the cure in Christ. COVID19 and all sickness and disease are absent in the kingdom of heaven because Christ has the victory over sin and death. 

He not only gives us eternal immunity against the CBC virus of sin thru the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our place – but His spirit fills us with peace not fear, with self control not feelings-driven living, with love not hate, with joy and hope… because that is His nature living and growing inside of you, replacing the toxin of sin with the purity of His spirit and likeness.

If anyone is in Christ, old things are passing away, all things are being made new!

If you are aware of the virus in your soul and desire to know the cure – simply confess your need for Jesus as the cure and admit your need for his sacrifice to cover your sin.. your soul virus. Ask Holy Spirit to empower you to be an agent of God’s love and a messenger of truth and light to a sick and dying world!  He will give you His heart and mind in place of the infected one he paid the price to cure on the cross. As you daily dwell in His Word – the Bible – you will become alive through His truth, free from the symptoms of sin that feel so common, entangling, and condemning. 

Love will cast out fear. 

As one who once was blind to the virus in my own soul and bound up in pride and sin, I pray you too would come to know the gift of God through Jesus Christ and the fruit of His cure. 

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