Renew – Day 8 of 10

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During this 10-minute set, go ahead and soak in Biblical worship music that fixes your eyes on Jesus. It’s not a time to jam out to your latest Top 10 list, but to let the beauty of His presence overwhelm you. Plug into lyrics and songs that lift Him up so you can experience the amazing promise that “if we lift Him up, He will draw all men (that’s you!) to Himself.”

Don’t be distracted.

Write down the songs, and the lyrics, that jump out to you in this time.

But you need to read two articles before doing so – which will help you today, and the next few days when you add this RENEW set to your prayer time:

First, I want to challenge you about what “new” looks like with this article. The reality is that Jesus purchased “a new heart and a new mind” (check out how much The Bible has to say about ‘new hearts’ and ‘new minds’) and doesn’t simply want to clean up our old one.

Secondly, read through this article on how God shifted my perspective in worship to align with what The Word says… and I challenge you to become more “comfortable being uncomfortable” in your pursuit of the Lord in worship as you renew your mind! Check it out here…. then get started on because there are 7 segments today before you get to encounter Jesus in this 8th “renew” encounter.

Don’t give up brother! “Seek and keep seeking…” (Matt 7:7) “I will show you great an unsearchable things you do not yet know!” (Jer 33:3)

  1. B – be still
  2. R – repent
  3. O – open
  4. K – king
  5. E – examine
  6. N – new song
  7. F – fight!
  8. R – renew

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