Empathy – Day 10 of 10

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In the final segment of your 10 Day Challenge, we will focus on adding a 10-minute segment on asking the Lord for His heart.

  1. B – be still
  2. R – repent
  3. O – open
  4. K – king
  5. E – examine
  6. N – new song
  7. F – fight!
  8. R – renew
  9. E – envision
  10. E – empathy

An apathetic spirit is dead to the things of the spirit. The apathy of our hearts has set in by years of neglecting to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and rather feeding our flesh and impulses. We value the immediate over that which comes by waiting. We seek that which makes sense to us rather than that which builds faith in the One who is unseen.

All these things breed apathy.

So, we are adding a final focus point of asking for greater empathy.

But it’s not just towards the victims and collateral damage of our sin and choices. It’s towards the Lord’s heart!

His heart. His view of sin. His broken heart for those we have hurt with our sin. It’s not about guilt and shame, but about realizing the depth of God’s love and sacrifice for us and uniting our hearts with the great love of Jesus.

To be moved by compassion and conviction rather than rote repetition. To be compelled by love rather than just solely driven by discipline.

You may get sick of me saying this but “drawing near to Him” as we resist the devil means that “He draws near to us” and it’s His heart that I want you to ask for.

May the Lord break your heart for what breaks His heart as you cry out for a greater understanding of the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

During this time, ask (and keep asking) for a revelation of His heart. Cry out for mercy for those who have been victimized by your choices. Cry out for mercy for those around you.

The Lord is eager to reveal His heart to you.

Completing all 10 segments today will require a commitment and a sacrifice. A commitment of time, and a sacrifice of your priorities and agenda in order to seek His face.

And it will be worth it.

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